What does a Volteq model number tell you?

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What does a Volteq model number tell you?

Postby sean » Sat Jan 10, 2015 6:07 pm

The model number of a Volteq DC power supply says a lot about what kind of DC power supply it is. Take for example HY3005D-3, the first two letter "HY" has no specific meaning other than indicating that it's a Volteq DC power supply; the first two digits "30" indicates the maximum voltage it can put out, i.e., 30V; the next two digits "05" denotes the maximum current it can put out in each output channel, in this case 5A; the letter "D" specifies that this is linear power supply (which we will cover later); the next "-3" indicates that it's a triple outputs power supply, meaning you can get three independent outputs, typically with 2 variable and the third one fixed at 5V. Likewise HY5020EX means it's a single output regulated DC power supply with 50V maximum voltage output and 20A maximum current output, and it's a switching power supply.

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