How does the over-voltage protection work?

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How does the over-voltage protection work?

Postby sean » Sat Jan 10, 2015 6:10 pm

All of the Volteq switching power supplies (with model number ending with "EX") and some of the linear power supplies come with over-voltage protection. This unique feature provides extra protection for the power supply, and helps prevent it from getting damaged by reverse EMF from your load. Whenever the power supply sensed an external voltage higher than the set limit for over-voltage protection, the power supply gets shut off and is put into a protective "OV" state. For example, if you set the power supply to 10V and connect it to a battery with 12V output, without this feature, the power supply will be fried; with this OV protection, your power supply is protected and immediately isolated from the battery by an internal relay. When this happens, the output from the power supply will no longer be adjustable, and the indicator light "OV" will be lit.

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