How do I reset a power supply in OV protected state?

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How do I reset a power supply in OV protected state?

Postby sean » Sat Jan 10, 2015 6:10 pm

To reset a power supply in OV protected state, make sure to disconnect the load from power supply, and do the following:

1) turn the power supply off
2) turn the second knob from left (which controls over-voltage setting) to the maximum, clockwise (this applies to all "EX" models which has the second knob from left as OV adjustment knob)
3) turn the first knob from left (current control) to 1/4 way up
4) without any load connected, turn the power supply on, and change the voltage using the two knobs on the right
5) if the voltage can be adjusted from zero to the maximum in the spec, then the unit is working normally

please note that the second knob controls the over-voltage setting, whenever the output voltage is higher than the set limit for over-voltage protection, the power supply goes into a protective mode, with the OV indicator light on. you will need to power cycle the power supply in order to get out of the OV mode.

you can also watch this video we made:

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