High Current Power Supply

Volteq stocks a wide range of high-current rectifiers, with capacities from 50A to 1000A. Custom rectifiers capable of handling currents up to 30,000A are also available upon request. These high-current DC power supplies or rectifiers are essential for converting AC power into high-current DC power. They play a crucial role in various applications such as electroplating, anodizing, electrolysis, electrocoagulation, resistive heating, DC motors, and battery charging, among others.

Volteq typically makes high current rectifiers with switching technologies such as MOSFET, IGBT or SCR (also known as thyristor). High current rectifiers are used to provide high-power DC current to a variety of applications such as:

ElectroplatingUsing a high current rectifier to supply DC power to electroplating tanks that deposit metal onto a substrate.
ElectrolysisUsing a high power rectifier to supply a high electric current for chemical decomposition of materials such as water.
WeldingUsing a high current rectifier to supply DC power to welding machines that joins two metals by heating the surfaces to their melting points.
AnodizingUsing a high current rectifier to supply DC power to anodizing tanks that create a protective oxide layer on the surface of a metal substrate.
ElectrowinningUsing a high current rectifier to extract metal ions from solution in the electrowinning process.
ElectroformingCreating a metal object by controlling the deposition of metal ions onto a conductive surface
HeatingUsing a high current rectifier to supply DC power to heating elements, such as those used in electric furnaces and ovens.
DC motor drivesControlling the speed and direction of DC motors with a high current rectifier.
Cathodic protectionA high current rectifier supplies DC power to cathodic protection systems that protect metal structures from corrosion.
Battery chargingCharging batteries by converting AC power to DC power