Product Selection Guide


We offer a large selection of variable regulated DC Power Supplies, which are also called benchtop power supplies, Lab DC Power Supplies, regulated DC power supplies, adjustable DC power supplies, etc.. There are two main designs for variable regulated DC power supplies: Linear DC Power Supply and Switching DC Power Supply

When choosing between a linear or switching DC power supply, you main consideration is maximum Voltage and Amperage you need; and noise level you can accept. If your required amperage is higher than 20A, your only choice is switching power supplies. If less than 20A, you can get either linear or switching DC power supply. For most applications, any of our models should suffice. If you have a special application that requires very clean output, then consider linear DC power supplies as they have less ripple noise.

All of our models are regulated variable DC power supplies, which means that their outputs are stable and adjustable. They can be used for a very wide range of applications including general scientific and engineering applications, manufacturing and product testing, bench top testing, circuit board testing, repair shops, advanced battery charging including fast charging Lithium batteries, electroplating, fuel cell applications, anodizing, electrolysis, hydrogen generator, DC motors, slot cars, etc.

You can also choose a regulated adjustable power supply based on maximum voltage output, which ranges from    15V,        18V,       20V,       30V,       50V,       60V,       75V,       100V,       120V,       200V,       300V,       420V, or by maximum current output, which ranges from  3A,       5A,       6A,       10A,       20A,       30A,       50A,       80A,       100A,       150A,       200A,       300A,       500A,       750A, to  1000A.

Choosing power supplies by special applications:

Audio applications

DC power supply for communications equipment

Slot car power supplies

Plating Rectifiers

Anodizing Rectifiers

Power Supply for Charging Lithium Battery

Power Supply for DC Motors, Aviation and Marine applications