Adjustable DC Power Supply

Volteq has four decades of design and manufacturing know-how in adjustable power supplies. We offer a large selection of adjustable regulated DC Power Supplies, which are also called benchtop power supplies, Lab grade DC Power Supplies, regulated DC power supplies, variable DC power supplies, AC to DC power supplies, etc.. Volteq adjustable power supplies are known for their best-in-class noise and ripple performance. 

There are two main designs for regulated adjustable DC power supplies:  Adjustable Linear Power Supplyand  Adjustable Switching Power Supply. Adjustable Linear power supplies have exceptionally low ripple but tend to be heavy and less efficient, while adjustable switching power supplies have very high power efficiency, and good noise and ripple performance for most of applications.Currently we only make adjustable linear DC power supplies with output below 20A.

You can also choose a regulated adjustable power supply based on maximum voltage output, which ranges from    15V,        18V,       20V,       30V,       50V,       60V,       75V,       100V,       120V,       200V,       300V,       420V, or by maximum current output, which ranges from  3A,       5A,       6A,       10A,       20A,       30A,       50A,       80A,       100A,       150A,       200A,       300A,       500A,       750A, to  1000A.