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Volteq offers a wide selection of cost-effective linear DC power supplies and switching DC power supplies. Our regulated power supplies are fully adjustable in voltage and current, protected with over-voltage and reverse-voltage protection against reverse EMF from the electrical motors, batteries, electro-chemical systems, LEDs, etc.. Volteq linear and switching power supplies are excellent choice for scientific research, teaching, manufacturing, product testing and other demanding situations. 


How do I get a copy of manual for my Volteq DC power supply?

Please visit here to download the user manual for the Volteq DC power supplies in pdf format.


What's the difference between linear and switching power supply?

There are two main designs for the Volteq DC power supplies: Linear DC Power Supply and Switching DC Power Supply.


The traditional linear power supplies are typically heavy, durable, and have low noise across low and high frequencies. For this reason they are mostly suitable for lower power applications where the weight does not pose a problem.


The switching power supplies are much lighter, more energy efficient, durable, and have some high frequency noise due to the switching of transistors. For this reason, the switching power supplies are not suitable for high frequency audio applications but are great for high power applications. Other than that, these two types are pretty much swappable for various applications, and they cost about the same to make.


What is CC and CV Mode of Volteq DC Power Supply?

A typical Volteq DC Power Supply is a CC CV Power Supply that can be operated in either constant current mode (CC) and constant voltage (CV) mode. You can tell which mode the power supply is in by looking at the front panel, where either the "CC" or "CV" indicator light is on. Needless to say, if "CV" light is on, it means that the power supply is in constant voltage mode.


How does the over-voltage (OV) protection work?

Most of the Volteq DC power supplies come with over-voltage protection. This unique feature provides extra protection for your sensitive electronics. Whenever the power supply sensed an voltage higher than the set limit for over-voltage protection, the power supply disables its output and put itself into a protective "OV" state. When this happens, the output from the power supply will no longer be adjustable until it's reset, and the indicator light "OV" will be lit.



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