20A Volteq EP Reverse Polarity Switch Box

20A Volteq EP Reverse Polarity Switch Box

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For sale is a reverse polarity switch box, whose input side needs to be connected to the Volteq EP models, to enable switching polarity of the  output of our programmable power supply (EP model). With control signal of 5V, the output polarity can be switched.

This mode RP20 is rated for up to 20A.

Dimension: 6.2" by 4.7" by 3.1"

Control Input needed: 12V (for energize the relays) and 5V (for control relays).

Default state: output is reversed.

Relay response time: > 10 mS (mechanical relays are used in constructing these devices)

20A Reverse Polarity Box
20A Reverse Polarity Box
Product CodeRP20
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works well

I'm using this for a 12v battery locking relay on off on in reverse Works great to keep battery from dieing. Jason K. (8 Jul 2022, 13:29)
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