Programmable DC Power Supply HY12010EP | 0-120V, 0-10A | Arduino Microcontroller

Programmable DC Power Supply HY12010EP  | 0-120V, 0-10A | Arduino Microcontroller

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Product Information

Volteq HY12010EP is a programmable DC power supply with built-in Arduino Micro controller. This is the updated model with LCD display and keypad for digital input without computer. If you are familiar with Arduino, writing software code to control this power supply to run automatic testing is a piece of cake. We supply a sample code with rich set of features including ramping, amp-minute metering, remote sensing, active feedback control, etc. This power supply is ideally suited for automatic testing, battery charging/maintenance, DC/servo motors, anodizing and plating applications. We also provide up to 14 output/input pins for external data collection and control. 

Key Features & Specifications:

  • 4 Lines 20 characters LCD display
  • Active feedback for more stable output
  • Remote sensing
  • Amp-minute metering and control
  • Timer control
  • Voltage ramp
  • Automatic battery charger
  • Digital Voltmeter
  • Transient measurement
  • 6 Groups of memories
  • 4 Function keys (F1-F4) and 10 user definable keys (M1 - M10)
  • Control: digital control via front panel or via USB
  • Output enable and disable
  • Two level of control for both current and voltage outputs: coarse and fine for ease of use
  • Outputs: 0-120 V and 0-10 A
  • Protection: over-voltage protection
  • Input voltage: 110V AC and 220V AC switchable
  • Voltage Stabilization: <=0.2%
  • Current Stabilization: <=0.5%
  • Load Regulation: <=0.3%
  • Ripple noise: CV <= 1%
  • Environment: 0-40C, relative humidity < 90%
  • Warranty: 1 year

Note: As an example, we tried to show the effect of active control in this model HY12010EP. All of our EP models have active control feature, and behaves similarly. Note that at T=0, the voltage is set to 100V; at T=100 active control is turned on.

Programmable Power Supply HY12010EP
Programmable DC Power Supply HY12010EP
Programmable DC Power Supply HY12010EP
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