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Volteq offers a wide selection of cost-effective linear power supplies        and switching power supplies. Our regulated power supplies are fully adjustable in voltage and current, protected with over-voltage and reverse-voltage protection against reverse EMF from the electrical motors, batteries, electro-chemical systems, LEDs, etc.. Volteq linear and switching power supplies are excellent choice for research & development, teaching, manufacturing, product testing and calibration, and other demanding applications. 

Rapid Response: 8 New Custom Rectifiers Delivered in Record Time

Volteq Delivers Two High Power Custom Rectifiers to Satisfied Customer

How do I get a copy of manual for my Volteq DC power supply?

Please click user manuals to download the user manuals in pdf format.

What's the difference between linear and switching power supply?

Volteq DC power supplies come in two main designs: Linear DC Power Supply and Switching DC Power Supply.

Traditional linear power supplies are typically heavy and durable, with low noise across both low and high frequencies. As a result, they are well-suited for lower power applications where weight and energy efficiency is not a concern.

Switching power supplies, on the other hand, are much lighter and more energy efficient. They are also durable but produce some high frequency noise due to the switching of transistors. This makes them unsuitable for high frequency audio applications but ideal for high power applications. Apart from these differences, these two types of power supplies are largely interchangeable for various applications and cost about the same to produce.

What is CC and CV Mode of Volteq DC Power Supply?

A typical Volteq DC Power Supply is a CC CV Power Supply that operate in either constant current mode (CC) and constant voltage (CV) mode. You can determine which mode the power supply is in by looking at the front panel, where either the "CC" or "CV" indicator light will be illuminated. If "CV" light is on, it indicates that the power supply is in constant voltage mode. Likewise, if "CC" light is on, the power supply is in constant current mode.